Watch: Maher Links Mass Shootings, Islamic Terrorism to ‘Sexual Frustration’

During his “New Rules” segment, which is the lead-in for his closing monologue, on his Friday “Real Time” show on HBO, host Bill Maher suggested there was another element behind what was inspiring male mass killers to commit those horrific acts: sexual frustration.

Maher pointed to that pattern, which he suggested is exacerbated in our highly sexualized culture.

“This is a pattern no one is talking about,” Maher said. “Mass killers are almost always male, and almost always women-repellent.”

“And what must make it even worse for them is America,” he continued. “Because if you live in America, it just looks like everyone is getting laid all the time.”

“They may have been on Prozac because they were feeling blue,” he added. “But you know what else was feeling blue? Their balls.”

He also explained how his theory lends itself to the violent extremism bred in Islamic cultures.

“We need to wake up and smell the testosterone,” he said. “The reason behind so many of these tragedies has been right in our face, throbbing angrily. And if you think young men in America are throbbing angrily, what would you estimate the sexual frustration for a young man who grows up only ever seeing women who look like this? Or this?

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“How do you even masturbate to that?” he added. “I know masturbation requires imagination, but that’s ridiculous.”

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