Bernstein: Clinton’s Problems of Truthfulness ‘Not Going To Go Away’

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” veteran journalist Carl Bernstein said even though Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won the CNN debate last week, “We’re still back to these basic questions about her truthfulness.”

Discussing Clinton’s debate performance last week Carl Bernstein said, “I don’t think a reset button was successfully hit. We’re still back to these basic questions about her truthfulness about the server, about the foundation, about the FBI investigation. It’s all one story that’s not going to go away. Was it her best moment? absolutely.”

He continued, “There’s the question of what we saw Hillary at her best, her competence, her preparation, her readiness to be president, her  command of the issues which was masterful, and we get back to her difficult relationship to the truth. Easy questions about what happened and should have been able to be recited about what really happened. This doesn’t go away. It’s a huge issue for the Republicans to hit on and it’s one of the reasons Joe Biden is considering running because he understanding where she’s weak.”

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