Jason Johnson: Benghazi Committee a ‘Sham,’ Benghazi Based on Conspiracy Theory

Political analyst and Hiram College professor Jason Johnson commented on MSNBC’s “Up” Saturday on President Barack Obama saying Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, saying her private email account used during her time as Secretary of State was not a national security problem.

According to Johnson, the e-mails pose a “legitimate” concern, but he said the accusations that Clinton and Obama wanted U.S. soldiers and troops to die at Benghazi is a “sham” and just a “conspiracy theory.”

“Let’s be candid. [Benghazi] is a sham. It’s a sham. If you want to talk about e-mails, that’s legitimate, because that could be a national security issue or at least extremely irresponsible on the part of the Secretary of state. I don’t care if she was getting scam e-mails from people trying to collect money, but that’s entirely different from Benghazi, which at its core is this conspiracy theory that Obama and Hillary Clinton want U.S. soldiers and troops to die. That is the core conspiracy theory behind this.”

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