Biden Again Hits Hillary for ‘Enemy’ Debate Remarks

Tuesday night at a gala in honor of former Vice President Walter Mondale, Vice President Joe Biden again apparently referenced Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying she was proud the Republicans were her enemies during the CNN debate last week.

Biden said, “It is possible, it is necessary to end this notion that the enemy is the other party. End this notion that it is naive to speak well of the other party and cooperate. What is naive is to think it is remotely possible to govern this country unless we can. That is what is naive.”

He continued, “It is most important that everybody in this room understand the other team is not the enemy. If you treat it as the enemy there is no way we can ever ever ever resolve the problems we have to and you end up with the dysfunction that we are experiencing here in Washington where six percent or something of the American people have a favorable view of the Untied States Congress. An institution I served in and it was the greatest honor of my life.”

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