Giuliani: Trump a Little Bit Bill Clinton and a Little Bit Ronald Reagan

Tuesday on MSNBC “Hardball With Chris Matthews,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “an extraordinarily intelligent guy” who is a  “little bit of Bill Clinton, a little bit of Ronald Reagan.”

Rudy Giuliani said, “Well, I think what happened is this tremendous disaffection with government, this feeling that government can accomplish nothing. They see the president as a weak president who can’t get anything done. They see the Congress, even though it’s Republican, as not having fulfilled the promises that were made to them when they elected Republican majority in the House and in the Senate. So, what you’ve got are a bunch of disaffected people, and Donald Trump has figured out a way to appeal to them. Even though he says some things that I don’t agree with, that sometimes get people a little offended, but they find in him someone who they believe is talking to them in a straight way. And number two is Ben Carson. He’s not far behind. He’s a point or two points behind. Similarly, he is talking about something very different than the old Republican Party talked about. So there is definitely a sea change  change going on.”

He continued, “What he’s got is first of all, a very, very, very strong intellect. Do not underestimate him. Don’t make the same mistake that people made about Ronald Reagan, that they always underestimated him. This is a man who graduated from the Wharton School of Business … this is an extraordinarily intelligent guy, who can adapt, who can move with what’s going on, who gets a sense of what the people are thinking. That’s a very dangerous candidate, meaning, that’s a candidate who can find a way, somehow to win. A little bit of Bill Clinton, a little bit of Ronald Reagan. I don’t say he’s going to be the candidate, but I don’t count it out. He could be, he could be the candidate. and he could have figured out where, at least the Republicans are right now, and I think he’ll probably work on where the independents are.”

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