GOP Rep Peter King: ‘I Really Fear For the Party’ If Ryan Isn’t Elected

Representative Peter King (R-NY) said that if Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) doesn’t become speaker of the House, “I don’t know where we go. I really fear for the party” on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC 360.”

King began by stating, “I would strongly support Paul Ryan for speaker. I think the conditions he laid out are done in a very positive way.” He further said Ryan stated he was probably ending his political career by becoming speaker, and “believes in the cause” rather than “political gamesmanship.” King continued that Ryan wants to be “policy-oriented, and also showing the Republican message.”

King added, “if he doesn’t [get the support of various GOP factions], no one will. … I agree with Paul, as far as i know, I agree with him on most issues, even if i didn’t, I would say he laid it out in a way that you’re going to have a speaker of the House, the speaker is going to be able to be effective. He can’t be spending time fighting with his own party. He has to have the party standing with him. And so, to me that’s just common sense. Also, Paul’s qualifications, his knowledge, his integrity, you know, no one’s going to match him. So, if they don’t endorse Paul Ryan, I don’t know where we go. I really fear for the party.”

He further said that Ryan believes, “if the party keeps going the way it is, it’s going to virtually guarantee a Democratic election, for president in 2016 and maybe even result in the loss of the House and Senate.”

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