Clarke: Obama Pushing ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Program For Criminals, ‘Low-Level’ Offenders Graduate

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) criticized President Obama for a “catch and release” “get out of jail free” program for low-level offenders, who he argued, “don’t start with felonious conduct, they graduate” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Clarke said, “No words can express the grief that I have when a law enforcement officer anywhere in the United States gets killed in the line of duty, once again, one of New York’s finest. have we heard, by the way, from President Obama yet? i know that he’s busy tomorrow preparing for his staged backdrop with — surrounding himself, cloaking himself with some law enforcement chiefs who are representing cities led by liberal Democrat criminal sympathizing mayors, in terms of this catch and release, this get out of jail free, releasing literally thousands, thousands of prison inmates back into communities. This guy who is in custody right now, for the slaying last night, when I looked at his record, it is littered with drug arrests, things like assault, things like criminal trespass. This is what the left likes to call nonviolent low-level. What they fail to understand about criminal behavior…is they fail to understand that these creeps graduate to felonious conduct. They don’t start with felonious conduct, they graduate. So, they want to turn this to a low-level offender. How do you go from stealing a bike to murdering a police officer? It happens over time. We have got to put our foot down, and we have got to start pushing back aggressively on this mass prison release back into our communities of these criminals.”

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