Gutiérrez on House Floor: Would Trump Be Allowed to Host ‘SNL’ If He Criticized Gays, Lesbians As He Had Hispanics?

Wednesday on the House floor, in following up on a letter he had sent to the heads of Comcast and NBC Universal calling on a “disinvite” for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) criticized NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” for extending Trump an invitation to host the show.

Gutiérrez posed the question that if Trump had said similar thing about the gay and lesbian community that he had about some Hispanics, would the invitation still have been offered?

“[I]f Donald Trump had said gays or lesbians were murderers and raping Americans, would he get to host the show?” Gutiérrez said. “It is every bit as much a fiction and a lie. Donald Trump has said some pretty awful things about women individually and collectively. But what if he said most women were criminals? Would the writers be thinking up sketches for Trump if he had slandered an entire gender rather than an entire ethnic group?”

(h/t The Hill)

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