MSNBC’s Joan Walsh: Paul Ryan ‘Entitled’ for Demanding Family Time as Speaker

On MSNBC’s “NewsNation” on Wednesday, host Tamron Hall hosted a discussion about the conditions set forth by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) in a press conference a night earlier about his possible run for Speaker of the House between former RNC communications director Doug Heye and network political analyst Joan Walsh.

Hall questioned if a woman could insist on the same considerations if she were running for the same spot, to which Walsh insisted she couldn’t.

Exchange as follows:

HALL: Joan, let me bring you in. There s=us so much to talk about, but I want you are insights and thoughts on this with Paul Ryan. The family time — yesterday when I heard it and again he deserves — I guess — every parent does to say I put my family before. But I thought if a woman said that, I thought, just many scenarios. The tone of it. All of it just seems so interesting. How it’s being ingested and the praise coming his way.

WALSH: He’s getting so much praise for what a woman could absolutely never ask for, Tamron. Let’s just be real. But God bless him –

HEYE: I’d be real about that. I think if you talk to Cathy McMorris Rogers –


WALSH: No one is denying that. Come on, Doug, back off. No’s denying that. It is terrific. But nobody gets to have a leadership position and make that deal. They also don’t get to have a leadership position –


WALSH: Oh, my goodness. Are you going to filibuster me on this? It is ridiculous. This is an entitled man asking for something entitled.

HEYE: If you don’t know what you’re talking about I’ll provide facts. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a member of House Republican leadership.

WALSH: Is he going to be watching the Packers or watching his children, Doug? I’m curious about that. So anyway, what I was saying was I think it is rather interesting that he’s making this demand. I also think it is great but it is impossible. He’s also saying I’m not going to raise money, I’m not going to spend all this time, I’m not going to raise money. These are two facets of leadership. It is very important. I wish it wasn’t that way. When I had a small child i didn’t have to work or have a top leadership job and not take time away from work.

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