Eric Boehlert: ‘Hard to Find a Ton of Daylight’ Between Hillary, Obama

During Saturday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry,” Media Matters senior fellow Eric Boehlert spoke on Vice President Joe Biden’s decision to not run for president.

According to Boehlert, Clinton running on Obama’s record means Biden does not have a group to represent that Clinton is not already covering.

“I think if Joe Biden saw Hillary Clinton wasn’t really running on President Obama’s record, he would have been even more urgent to run. She’s been pretty clear. I mean, yes, there’s a couple keystone things here and there, but t’s pretty hard to find a ton of daylight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She seems to be proud of her time in the administration, very proud of Barack Obama’s accomplishments. So, again, I think Joe Biden, it’s interesting because, you know, he didn’t really have a group he was going to represent.”

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