Podesta: Hillary Will Beat ‘Shocking,’ ‘Insult Hurling’ Trump in General Election

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” the chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign John Podesta said in a general election match-up Clinton would beat Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump because he just says ‘shocking” things and “hurls insults.”

Podesta said, “Look, Trump makes your head spin and I think that if he is a person who thinks he can actually lead this country— it’s just like shocking that what he says. What he said about Ben Carson, what he said on your show this morning, deciding today that he needs to repeal Medicare. Every day is a new day for him.”

When host George Stephanopoulos asked, “How do you explain in some of these national polls he’s ahead of her?” Podesta said, “Look, we feel very good where the campaign is today. In most of the national polls we’re ahead of him and I think that — we feel very good of where we are today in terms of winning the nomination. Moving ahead, if he’s to nominee of the Republican party, that match-up works very well for us. She’s out listening to the American people, offering real solutions and he’s out, you know, hurling insults. Like, I think people find him entertaining, not me so much.”

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