Mother of Benghazi Victim to MSNBC: ‘My Only Child Was Murdered and Nobody Will Tell Me Why’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, one of the four men killed in the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, got very emotional, fighting back tears.

In discussing Hillary Clinton’s testimony last week to the House Benghazi Committee, Smith said,”I watched every minute … Hillary didn’t answer the questions. I’m still waiting, oh, my main—one of the main questions, if the ambassador cabled that he needed more people, more security—this cable, according to Hillary, it did not reach her. Who did it reach and what was done? So that my son wouldn’t be murdered like he was? This has never been answered. If this was Hillary’s department, she should have known what was going on, yet she claims she didn’t and my son died along with the ambassador and two other wonderful people. I would like an answer to this.”

She continued, “I think they should have covered his back. All of those people that were there, every one of them that worked for our government—worked for our government because they wanted to. They wanted to do the right thing and they did what they were supposed to, knowing that our government would have their back. They did not. And I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why my son died, the contractors that were there was told that they were told to stand down three times. Hillary has denied this. I don’t know why. She won’t give me an explanation. They won’t tell me why this happened, but nobody came to help him. And there were people that were available. The guys from the security department was ready to go, they were told to stand down and they finally went on their own. They said they could have saved the ambassador’s life and my son’s life if they would have been allowed to go. Now, please tell me why weren’t they allowed to go?”

Smith added, “It would take nine hours for this thing to be over, during that time, somebody should be able to go there and help. Even a drone, and I understand there was a drone. They were watching. What were they watching if nothing was happening?”

Getting emotional as she described her son, Smith said, “He was a wonderful guy. He loved kids. He loved—animals liked him. Everybody liked him. He did wonderful things on this video game that he played, he was known as a master of some kind which I don’t understand. So he was a good guy. They sacrificed him as they sacrificed the ambassador and the two guys that got murdered because nobody sent help. I want to know why. Why wasn’t there any help? You can’t understand. You just can’t understand. My only child was murdered and nobody will tell me why. He was the only thing that was going to help me when I get old. I’m old now. Now who do I—who’s going to help me now? He’s not around and the government won’t talk to me.”

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