Jindal: Debt Ceiling Increase ‘Very Bad Deal,’ ‘Republicans Never Want To Fight,’ ‘We Are Going the Way of Europe’

Republican presidential candidate Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal criticized the debt ceiling increase as “a very bad deal” and declared, “we are going the way of Europe” at Wednesday’s part one Republican presidential debate on CNBC.

Jindal, in response to a question on whether he would support the budget deal or shut the government down, said, “I think that’s a false choice. I think this was a very bad deal. Whenever they tell us in DC they’re going cut tomorrow, that means they’re never going cut. Tomorrow never seems to happen. Instead, why won’t we actually follow our conservative principles? Why not insist on structural reforms? Why not cut spending? I don’t mean shrink the growth rate, I mean actually spend less. Why not a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution? Why not a supermajority vote before they grow our taxes, before they grow the government faster than economy? Let’s be honest, $18 trillion of debt, record low participation rate in the workforce, record number of Americans on food stamps, we are going the way of Europe. The left is trying to turn the American dream into the European nightmare.”

Jindal was then asked if he didn’t have a choice, “would you take the choice of shutting things down, or would go ahead and agree with them?”

He answered, “I think that’s a false choice. If I were leading, we would pass a conservative budget, challenge the president to do the right thing. Here’s the problem, The Republicans never want to fight. Give [Representative Nancy] Pelosi (D-CA) and [Senator Harry] Reid (D-NV) credit, they forced Obamacare and socialism down our throats. Why won’t the Republicans fight half as hard for freedom and opportunity? This was a bad budget.”

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