Christie on CNBC Debate: Moderators ‘Awful,’ ‘Bias’

Thursday on Fox New Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican presidential candidate Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said the CNBC moderators of the Republican primary debate last night were “bias” and “awful.”

Christie said “Well, listen, the moderators last night were awful. And the fact is that the press in this country, in general, has shown, over the course of the last number of months, their bias against the Republican Party, and against our candidates. And we’re going to stand up, I’m not going to sit around and let me or my colleagues be treated like that. Not only in the biased way, but also with the irrelevant questions that were being asked. the American people deserve better than that. And if we’re not tough enough to stand up and interject like I did last night, then you are not tough enough to be on the stage with Hillary Clinton next September.”

He continued, “Listen it was all about CNBC showing their bias. and you know, as a Republican candidate, and as a Republican leader in this country, I’m not going to stand for it any longer. I’m not going to stand on that stage and be a punching bag for moderators who are looking to, you know, get a toast made to them at their next liberal cocktail party in New York City. Which is exactly what they were looking to do. And so we’re going to fight, and listen. What our voters, what our supporters should take away, I think, from last night is look up on that stage. Who is the person who looked mature, tested, ready, and a fighter to be able to get things done for the American people? It’s not going to be easy because the media going to be working for her 24/7 and we’re going to have to have somebody strong enough to take those hits and fight back.”

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