Gutfeld: Fox News Is Not Anti-Trump

Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld appeared on Fox Sports 1’s “The Herd” Thursday to talk about the CNBC GOP Debate with host Colin Cowherd.

Cowherd asked Gutfeld if he should believe that Fox News is “anti-Trump,” and Gutfeld explained that his employer is not anti-any GOP candidate, but people think Fox is against their candidate just because someone on the network criticizes them.

“Everybody believes everybody else is anti-them. If you notice that. The people on Rubio’s side will say ‘FNC, they’re so pro-Trump.’ And people pro-Trump go, ‘All they ever talk about is Jeb.’ It’s hilarious, because you see that on Twitter and it’s not true. Nobody knows who I want to vote for or who I’m going to vote for. I still don’t even know, but if I criticize Trump, someone will say, ‘You’re clearly in Jeb’s corner.’ If I criticize Jeb, they call me a Trumpet. I think people see it through their own myopic lens. If you disagree with them then clearly you’re against them.”

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