Is Brandon Marshall a Hypocrite for Ripping Greg Hardy?

FLORHAM PARK, NJ—New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall insisted to Breitbart Sports that he is the “perfect person” to comment on Greg Hardy’s outburst Sunday on the sideline.

During the second half of Dallas’ loss to the New York Giants on Sunday, Cowboys defender Greg Hardy went ballistic on special teams players on the sideline, following a 100-yard kickoff return by Big Blue.

The highly-emotional defensive end, suspended for the first four games of 2015 due to a domestic violence charge (dropped after a settlement), appeared apoplectic interacting with teammates, coaches, and even the injured Dez Bryant when the Cowboys’ star receiver tried to calm him down.

Marshall, displaying a history of temper problems, offered some harsh words for Hardy on Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

“There’s emotions that come with the game,” he explained. “There’s a lot of testosterone. I mean you put so much into the week, you know you get disappointed and you get frustrated in those moments. This Sunday, I got into it with a teammate (rookie WR Devin Smith) but we got in the locker room, we talked it out and we love each other.

“This is a sensitive topic for me,” he continued, “because I’ve overcome a lot of things and I’m really passionate about guys building character, guys really looking [at] themselves in the mirror and trying to get better.

“Every game I know there’s going to be two or three cameras in my face,” the five-time Pro Bowler pointed out. “Why? Because I’m a high-emotion guy and because of my history. I am aware. When I look at Greg [Hardy] and how he’s handled himself, on the field and in the locker room, I see a guy that is not aware. He doesn’t understand the magnitude of what happened last year (the domestic violent incident), what he did, and the atmosphere surrounding the NFL.

“I don’t think that he gets it. I don’t think that he learned his lesson. And he really needs to look himself in the mirror and ask himself, what type of person do I want to be?”

Is this a case of man bites dog?

Last year in Chicago, while with the Bears, Marshall got into a couple of nasty arguments, one with an assistant coach, another with a teammate.

According to a Bears source, Marshall didn’t have the right pads on for practice (teams don’t wear the same equipment in every practice—some days they go lighter than others), and defensive assistant Chris Harris went over to tell him, and the receiver exploded on him, cussing him out. It got heated, and Harris, a former NFL safety, didn’t back down.

Also, after a Bears loss last season, Marshall went crazy, yelling in the Bears’ locker room, and when kicker Robbie Gould tried to calm him down, he cursed at him, and made it clear he didn’t want to be told what to do by a kicker.

Breitbart Sports asked Marshall if it’s a little hypocritical for him to judge Bryant, based on his own history.

“I’m the perfect person to talk about issues like that because I’ve been through it, and now I’m on other side,” Marshall said. “I get it. I understand it.”

But is he really on the other side if he had an argument with a teammate on Sunday, along with two last year in Chi-Town?

We asked Marshall what he thinks of people calling this hypocrisy.

“I don’t care what other people say,” Marshall said. “I don’t care what other people say. I know who I am, I’m proud of the person I am today.”

And Marshall clearly feels he “gets it” and Hardy doesn’t.