Kasich: Trump Plan to ‘Round up 11 Million People’ Is ‘Ludicrous’

Thursday  on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said the outsider candidates like Donald Trump’s plans to deport 11 million people or Dr. Ben Carson’s plan to change Medicare are “not responsible” and “ludicrous.”

Kasich said, “When we start talking about abolishing medicare or making it voluntary, that scares the living daylights out of seniors and it’s not responsible. When we start talking shipping, 10, 11 million, people out of our country, which is impossible to do, breaking up families, that is irresponsible. We add tax schemes adding trillions of dollars to the debt that we’ll grow our way out of it, that doesn’t make any sense. That is a few of things that have been said. I think the media overall has done a pretty darn good job but I tell you where they haven’t been good, that is the analysis of what these programs and plans are. I balanced the federal budget with a team of people. We fixed Ohio. I understand how all these programs work. I will continue to talk about because we can’t elect somebody, whether they’re establishment or the anti-establishment that can’t get this country back on track. I have a plan to do that. I am going to keep talking about it and shortcomings of the other programs. Nothing personal.”
He continued, “Radical doesn’t work. inconceivable we would start to round up 10 or 11 million people to ship them out of the country. Of course we need a wall but the idea we’ll deport all these people, it’s ludicrous and everybody knows it.”
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