Judge Jeanine to Obama: Why Put American Soldiers in Russia’s ‘Crosshairs?’

On Saturday’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel, host Jeanine Pirro attacked President Barack Obama for sending American troops to Syria, despite saying he would not put boots on the ground there.

“The bottom line for me and every military family in America is that U.S. assets are now on the ground in a country where our truth-challenged president pledged they would never be,” Judge Pirro said in her opening statement.

Pirro continued her verbal attack on President Obama, asking why it is the United States’ place to tell Syria who their president should be.

“You say Assad must go. Who are we to tell them who must go? You wimp out when they cross your red line, your air strikes are few and far between, and now you’re going to stand up like the bully in the schoolyard and yell what needs to be done?” she added. “Even Russia, when asked if Assad should go, gave a more democratic answer, ‘Let the Syrian people decide within the framework of the political process.'”

“So now after ISIS controls more than half of Syria, more than 300 thousand people dead, antiquities and churches destroyed, you decide to send ground troops into Syria? Why? How do we even know who we’re fighting?” she continued.

She then concluded by asking why America would want its soldiers in Syria, as well as in “Russia’s crosshairs.”

“Why would we put American soldiers in this cauldron of medieval barbarism? Why would we put our soldiers in Russia’s crosshairs?”

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