Liz Cheney on Obama Syria Policy: No Longer News When He Contradicts Himself

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” political commentator Liz Cheney discussed President Barack Obama sending American boots to be on the ground in Syria when he repeatedly said that he would not and argued it’s no longer news when Obama contradicts himself.

Cheney said, “Well it’s no longer news that the president does something that directly contradicts statements he made previously, it happens on such a regular basis. The bottom line here is we have a militant Islamist terrorist organization that has established a caliphate in part of the Middle East, this is a clear and direct let to the United State. They have to be defeated and defeated by force. There’s no diplomatic solution. There’s no negotiation that’s going to defeat ISIS. We have to take the territory from them that they now hold. We have a president who seems to either not know that or not care. He has no plan in place for defeat them. We have these incremental deployment of forces that include rule of engagement for or pilots, for example, that preclude them from doing the job he says they’re on the there to do. At the end of the day the notion that we’re in Vienna that we’re negotiating, that the Russians and Iranians brought in as positive partners in the president’s view is all folly. The president will have to answer to history. I’m sure he’s looking towards his legacy in the last part of his administration, an the question for him will be why did you stand by while this threat to Americas this grave threat grew and gathered strength across the Middle East.”

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