Scarborough: RNC, DNC Becoming Less Relevant

On Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough reacted to the news that a number of the Republican presidential campaigns have effectively pushed the Republican National Committee aside when it comes to having a role in future debates in this presidential primary cycle.

Scarborough suggested the campaigns were justified for having questions about the moderators and that it’s a signal that the major party organizations are becoming less relevant.

“It is insane,” Scarborough said. “I have to say as a Republican watching these debates for years, it is insane if you watch all these Republican primaries moderated by people that you know have never voted in a Republican primary their entire life and have never voted for a Republican president their entire life and that makes up about 90 percent of the people that we know that have moderated debates. And if we don’t admit that, then we’re lying to ourselves.”

“I think the bigger question, though, has to do with the RNC, Mika, and this is one more example of how the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee are just weaker and weaker by the year. They just are. They just — and especially Trump and Carson together having over 50 percent of the vote and bringing in the big audiences — they call the shots. The RNC is just effectively cut out and I think you’re just seeing this the first of many ways moving forward that these huge party operations become less relevant by the day.”

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