Watch: Student Cusses Out Teacher, Attempts to Throw Chair at Her Head

***EVERYBODY PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE***What's wrong with this new generation!! This is freaking ridiculous!! I'm pissed the F**ked off, then they wonder why teacher's don't care, this is a prime example. These Kids need to be locked up like the animals they are this is Sad.....This needs to be reported...***EVERYBODY PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO***

Posted by Derk Brown on Sunday, November 1, 2015


Video has surfaced from 2011 of a high school student cussing out his teacher and threatening to throw a chair at her during class. The clip also showed the student throwing M&Ms at the teacher and threatening to hit her in the face with a bag of them, as well as demanding she sit down in her chair.

After the video went viral, many parents got a hold of the school’s administration and in the comment section a screenshot of the principal’s response reads:

Thank you for your concern

We have recently become aware of a very unfortunate video that is being circulated on social media. While that is indeed CVCA, this video predates the current administration. Under our administration, disciplinary actions have been reduced from 1,149 a year to 146 a year. This video does not, in any way, reflect the current climate; this is not the CVCA way. We appreciate your concern and thank you for notifying us.

Principal Douglas L. Maclin

Alumni of the school say the video was shot in 2011, and all the students seen in the video have since graduated or left the school.  Students are not wearing the required school uniform in the video and many of the alumni believe that this was a special class being led by a substitute teacher.

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