Charles Koch: ‘We’re Largely Failures’ At Influencing Politics, Not Going To Comment On Any Candidate Publicly

Charles Koch stated that he’s not going to “publicly comment” on any presidential candidate and denied charges that he’s trying to influence politics by saying they’re simply trying to end corporate welfare and “we’re largely failures at it” on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

When asked if he saw a candidate he likes, Koch answered, “not in great measure.” He later said, “I’m not going to publicly comment on any candidate.”

Koch was later questioned on whether he thought it’s a problem to have 15o families as the overwhelming political contributors to presidential candidates. He answered that it depends on “what end” the money is given towards, “if it’s to get policies that will create — open up opportunities for people, and get rid of all this corporatism and corporate welfare, wherein, what, seven out of the richest counties in the county are around Washington, DC? I mean — and have two-year presidential campaigns where that’s all anybody [is] focused on. Why is that? That just isn’t random. It’s because the government’s picking winners and losers. … So, what we’re working for is to get that picking winners and losers out of it, and then, we won’t have two-year presidential campaigns, because people will realize it’s more important to run their own lives, rather than try to control part of government.”

He further stated all he wants in return for his donations is an end to corporate welfare. When asked if he was still buying influence, Koch answered, “No, well, so far, we’ve — we’re largely failures at it, as you can tell.” He pointed to the massive disparity in their donations versus everyone else and stated, “we’re about it” when it comes to fighting corporate welfare.

Koch also commented on the criticisms leveled at him and his brother by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), arguing that no one will “scare me off.” He continued, “it’s frightening for the future of the country to have these public officials try to hurt and destroy private citizens who oppose what they’re doing.”

(h/t Politico)

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