Trump: Carson Lacks Temperament, Experience to Be President

Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” in an appearance to promote his new book “Crippled America,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized his opponent Ben Carson by questioning if he had the required abilities to be president, including the temperament and the experience to hold that office.

“I think that Ben just doesn’t have the experience,” Trump said. “Look, you know, I’m going to make the greatest deals you’ve ever seen on trade, we’re going to run the military properly, I’m going to take care of the vets. Ben can’t do those things. Ben cannot deal on trade.”

When asked what he meant, Trump explained it wasn’t his thing.

“It’s not his thing.,” he added. “You’re born with it. It’s not his thing. He hasn’t got the temperament for it. It’s not the right thing for him. And there are right things for him.”

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