Jeb: ‘Reinstate Sanctions’ on Iran, Work With Allies ‘Create A Serious Confrontation’ With Iran

Republican presidential candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated, “We need to reinstate sanctions” on Iran and “re-engage with our allies to create a serious confrontation with Iran” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Jeb said, [relevant remarks begin around 5:00] “We need to clearly confront the ambitions Iran has in the region. We need to reinstate sanctions to do what’s necessary to make sure that they don’t get fresh capital from Europe and other countries, companies that want to try to profit. they’re going to have to make a choice. Are they going to want to do business in the largest economy, with the greatest respect for the rule of law, or are they going to trade that in for a[n] Iranian economy that’s controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that — where there is no rule of law? I think we need to re-engage with our allies to create a serious confrontation with Iran. The irony of all this is that the greatest ally of Israel has helped, aided, and abetted to create the greatest existential threat of that country since its beginning. And we need to make sure that we also support Israel. It would create a deterrent effect if we provided Israel with the necessary sophisticated arms, so that they know — that the Iranians know, that we’re serious about confronting their ambitions across the board, both nuclear and otherwise.”

Jeb was also asked about his counter-ISIS strategy in Iraq, he answered, “We need to re-engage with the Sunni tribal leaders to do what the surge did, which was to create a coalition that allowed for the to be effective, to take back those communities that you describe. We need to directly arm the Kurds, which this administration has been reluctant to do. we need to embed our trainers in the limited number of troops that we have inside the Iraqi Army. We need air controllers to be able to identify where the sorties have to be hit. We need a strategy, Sean. What we now have is a reactive effort that is not strategic in its approach, and the strategy has, as the end objective in my mind, the ending of Islamic terrorism, with the ending of ISIS.”

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