Watch: Man Chokes McDonald’s Worker at Drive-Thru

According to a report by Fox7, fight at a Minnesota McDonald’s drive-thru between a customer and 22-year-old manager left both claiming to be the victim.

Through cell phone video shot by a person waiting in line, the store manager, 22-year-old Bernard Robinson III, can be seen fighting and wrestling with a customer for more than a minute with his necktie held firmly in the customer’s hand.

There is more that happened which cannot be seen on video. Robinson’s father said the customer got angry when it took too long for the cashier working the window to make change for a $100 bill and for dropping some of it on the ground.

“The guy just got irate and spit on my son’s face,” the store manager’s father said. “Then he went to grab at him and he grabbed at my son’s tie. My son was trying to grab back at him and he had to put the quarter pounders on him to get him off him.”

The customer sees it differently, however, claiming he is really the victim.

“He got very angry, started hitting me in the face, and I was kinda knocked out. I tried to hold onto his tie just for self-defense I guess,”31-year-old Walied Feshir said.

Witnesses said the fight continued in the parking lot. When police arrived, they could smell alcohol on Feshir’s breath, and he had to be taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries sustained in the brawl.

Once police saw the video, Feshir was charged with fifth-degree assault.

This is not the first fight in a McDonald’s drive-thru this year.

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