MSNBC’s Reid: Sanders Has Been Clumsy on Issues of Race

Friday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” while discussing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) not getting support from African-American Democrats, MSNBC corespondent Joy Reid described Sanders as “clumsy” on issues of race.”

Reid said, “At the risk of getting a hostile crowd going behind us one of the challenges that Bernie Sanders is going to have is that the case that has been made on his behalf by his supporter has included not exactly friendly confrontations with African-Americans over whether or not black people ought to be feeling the burn. The interactions particularly on Black Lives Matter between Bernie Sanders supporters and African-Americans have not helped him because there has been a certain aspect of African-Americans I have talked to a lot who feel lectured by Sanders supporters who say he marched with King and therefore — that is not a sufficient argument for African-Americans. African-Americans asked two questions, number one are you on our side policy wise, number two  can you win? Those are the two questions that he has to answer.”

She added, “He has been dealing with mostly issues of economics and not issues of race. He has been clumsy out of the gate on issues of race.”

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