SNL’s Jost: Obama Can’t Handle Putin Or China, Mocks Carson

Colin Jost said that President Obama can’t handle Vladimir Putin or China and joked about GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson during the “Weekend Update” segment on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Jost, in reference to President Obama’s comments that Republican candidates can’t handle Putin or China if they can’t handle CNBC’s moderators, said, “And if you can’t handle Putin and the Chinese, you’re only going to get two terms as president.”

Jost then turned to the controversy over Carson’s telling of his violent past, he remarked that “it’s always great when you’re running for president, and you have to say, ‘No, guys, I swear, I really did stab my friend.'”

Jost added, in reference to Carson’s comments that soon the media will start trying to say he wet his pants in kindergarten, “at this point, Dr. Carson, I think we’re more worried it’ll turn out you didn’t graduate kindergarten, or that you claimed to pee your friend’s pants, and then they find your friend, and he’s like, ‘I never had pants.'”

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