Joe Scarborough to Ben Carson: ‘You’re Lying,’ ‘Come Out Front and You Need to Admit It’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough went after Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson and accused him of being liar in the wake of alleged discrepancies in his personal story laid out in his autobiography “Gifted Hands.”

“So guess what – all you guys that want to write your blogs saying this is part of the media bias, go back and see what I said a week ago and what you were writing about me a week ago having the guts to tell the truth,” Scarborough said. “Guess what – I have the guts to the truth to the people I work for and I also have the guts to tell the truth about candidates when they’re lying. Last Monday, I told the truth to the media. This morning I’m telling the truth to Ben Carson – you’re lying and you need to come out front and you need to admit it because it is only going to get worse from here.”

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