CNN’s Keilar: ‘Seems Like’ Fiorina Has To Deal With More Sexism Than Hillary

CNN Senior Political Correspondent Brianna Keilar stated that sexism seems to be “something that Carly Fiorina is dealing with more than say Hillary Clinton is” on Tuesday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

After playing a clip of a man at one of Clinton’s events saying that he wants to strangle Fiorina every time he sees her on TV, which drew a laugh from Clinton, Keilar stated, “It seems like the sexism is really something that Carly Fiorina is dealing with more than say Hillary Clinton is.”

Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash responded, “It’s true, and I was actually with Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire last week, and she was talking about that. She was asked about that, a number of times, and her perspective is that there’s more sexism for conservative women, because she insists that women who aren’t conservative out there think that there’s something wrong with a woman if he — if she is conservative, if she’s not a liberal. One thing I want to add about what you just played, because it certainly is getting a lot of traction online, you’re seeing a lot of conservatives tweet about it saying, excuse me, what about the media asking for the candidate to denounce a situation when a voter says something that’s inappropriate? Like remember back in 2008 with John McCain and the voter who called Barack Obama a Muslim, and so forth. And more recently we had the Trump moment. … This, I think, just by watching it, it’s hard to say it’s not different because, the guy was joking about something that — after he had sort of a long soliloquy about his experience at HP, and that she laughed back. Having said that, look, it’s a reminder that candidates are on all the time, and are expected to be — have leadership roles and perhaps the laughing, in retrospect, is something that Hillary Clinton might say, you know, I should have said something a little bit different, but the context of this was different.”

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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