Watch: Parent Claims Staff Member Punched Her Son in School Fight

(NSFW WARNING: Language, Violence)

According to NBC12, disturbing video of a fight after school at Jim Hill High School in Mississippi shows students fighting and two staff members coming in to break up the fight.

The parent of a student who was not involved in the altercation is now demanding justice. She claims the cell phone video shows one of the faculty members attacking her child.

“He was not involved in the fight. He was over to the side,” said parent Latasha Wiggins. “He was standing close to the fight and he told me that he grabbed him trying to pull him back so he wouldn’t get hit and that’s when I guess the teacher maybe thought or whoever the guy is thought that he was maybe trying to fight him and he pushed him first and then he walked up towards him and that’s when he pushed him.”

Video shows a security officer trying establish order in the crowd. Wiggins admits her 16-year-old son confronted and shoved the officer but she said he only did so because he was unjustly struck.

“After he punched him they became aggressive with him. I would too if you punched me you know, and you’re a grown man,” stated Wiggins, who added her son suffered a swollen eye from the incident.

Officials released this statement regarding the matter:

“The response by JPS Campus Enforcement officers and school staff is consistent with their training in these situations.  Campus Enforcement officers are trained in conflict resolution through the Crime Prevention Institute.”

According to JPS officials, the two students who were involved in the fight will face appropriate disciplinary action. Wiggins’ son will not face any discipline for his conduct, but she still plans to file a complaint with the school district.

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