Listen: Trump, Levin Speculate on Hillary’s ‘Wig’

Wednesday on Mark Levin’s nationally syndicated radio show, Levin and his guest, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, discussed the Democratic side of the 2016 presidential race. During that discussion they keyed in on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Part of their conversation revolved around Clinton’s new hairstyle, to which Levin suggested was a wig, but was cautious about offering an opinion on it.

Exchange as follows:

LEVIN: Let’s talk about the Democrats, Hillary Clinton. Honestly, I don’t know what her appeal is at all. Do you?

TRUMP: She has a new hairdo, did you notice that today?

LEVIN: That’s called a wig.

TRUMP: Is that a wig?

LEVIN: I think it’s a wig. Look, I’m not against wigs. Nothing personal, people can wear whatever they want.

TRUMP: It’s OK, but I tell you what — it really was shocking to see it. You’re right, it must be. It was massive. Her hair became massive.

LEVIN: You know you’re going to get in trouble.

TRUMP: I don’t care — I don’t care, but because I’m person who tells the truth and you know, it was interesting to see. But, you know, I’ve never seen Hillary with that hairdo. You know, I think that’s an OK thing to say. But it was very different. Did you like it?

LEVIN: Don’t get me in trouble now because let me tell you, there’s not much I do…

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