Clarke: Affirmative Action Polices Are the Discrimination That Should Be Railed Against On Colleges

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) argued affirmative action is “The only discrimination that people should be railing against on these colleges and universities” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Clarke said, “These aren’t protests. This is an insurrection. This is a rebellion. It’s pretty obvious to me that not much learning activity goes on in many of these colleges and universities across the United States. You know who gets left out of this Sean? Is the taxpayer. These are tax supported schools. That president that resigned, and these professors, they don’t work for the students, they work for taxpayers of Missouri, and the taxpayers ought to stand up and demand that their money spot being spent to fund these laboratories of liberal indoctrination. No wonder we end up near bottom now in international scholastic competitions. No — like I said, learning activity is secondary now on these college campuses. The only discrimination that people should be railing against on these colleges and universities, are these programs that discriminate against white and Asian students in favor of less-qualified black students for entry into the university. That’s something that has served its usefulness, and that sort of discrimination is what should end.”

He added, “These students are a product of these professors and of the university. They fill their heads with this nonsense, like I said. This cultural isolation is retrogressive. This doesn’t help anybody. We’ve gone from this multicultural idea, which I think is problematic anyway, and now all of a sudden we want to isolate people again, create spaces for black people to go and heal. I mean, this stuff is nonsense. Let’s get back to the topic of academic rigor, study, intellectual conversations going on, and forget all these rebellions and these insurrections, that’s all this is.”

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