Axelrod: Rise Of ISIS ‘Not What Was Anticipated’ By Obama WH, Will Be Issue In Election

CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama adviser David Axelrod said that the rise of ISIS “was not what was anticipated” by the Obama administration “And it is going to be an issue in the election” during CNN’s coverage of the Democratic debate on Saturday.

Axelrod was asked about how the president’s exit from office will be impacted by “the chaos throughout Middle East, north Africa, south Asia.”

He responded, “Well, this hasn’t actually been a smooth line from the beginning, Wolf. We’ve had a tumultuous situation from the time that we arrived there. But obviously, emergence of ISIS was not what was anticipated. And it is going to be an issue in the election. On Gloria’s point, all of the democratic candidate held to the notion that we should still accept refugees. I think this is going to be a big flare point with the Republicans candidates. Even before Paris, [Sen.] Ted Cruz (R-TX) was going after [Sen.] Marco Rubio (R-FL) on immigration, because he said it was opening the door to terrorists to come into the country. I think it’s a false argument, but I — or an overblown argument. But it’s one that’s going to be resonant, more resonant after Paris.”

(h/t Steven Dennis)

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