Buchanan: Mass Immigration ‘The End of Europe’

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that “Third world immigration, mass immigration, illegal immigration into the continent of Western Europe” is “the end of Europe” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “take a look at Europe. Third world immigration, mass immigration, illegal immigration into the continent of Western Europe, into the United States these are burning, blazing issues. They are changing politics upside down in Europe.” He later added, “Europeans…let all those folks in, that’s the end of Europe, John.”

While discussing illegal immigration in the US, Buchanan argued, “a country has got to have borders, or it isn’t a country anymore.” He further stated, “there’s no question that E-Verify, going to — simply, every employer, say, get the Social Security number, the guy doesn’t have a Social Security number because he’s not a citizen, or got a green card, and they will gradually go back. Who should be expelled? First, any felons, people going out of prisons, people arrested drunk driving, and the rest of them. I agree with that. … They will gradually begin to go back. … But some deportations are going to be needed.”

Earlier, while discussing the exchange on illegal immigration during the most recent GOP presidential debate, Buchanan stated, “Well, I think it’s going to help Trump in the Republican Party. He talked about what Ike did. It was called Operation Wetback in those politically incorrect days. And Ike got this general, General Joseph Swing, and he went down to Texas, and they moved 1 million illegal aliens back into Texas, deep into the interior. And we learned later, and recently, that some of it was very tough and, in parts, inhumane. But I will tell you, politically, Trump is taking that example, which is well known, John, in the immigration community. I’ve written about it in a couple of books, and I think, politically speaking, solely, it is an enormous benefit to Trump, who is up by almost 50 points on who’s best equipped to deal with immigration inside the Republican Party. The question is, will it damage the Republican Party in the general election — will the immigration issue? But there’s no doubt, on the primary situation, Trump had a real winner in that particular answer.”

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