Flashback Sept. 27: HBO’s John Oliver Mocks Europeans for Resisting Migrant Influx

Back on his Sept. 27 broadcast of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver lectured his viewers as to why Europe should be more accepting of migrants fleeing the Middle East through Turkey and into Europe.

One reason Oliver offered as a virtue of the migrant influx was Europe’s declining birthrate, which he argued could be aided by the influx of these migrants.

“That’s true – if Europe doesn’t open its doors to more migrants, this is not changing face of Europe they should be frightened of – this is.”


“And look, not every single asylum seeker is going to be the perfect economic well spring,” he added. “But instead of worrying about the hypothetical downside of letting these migrants in, countries should be worried more about the actual downside of turning them away.”

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