Maher: ‘Slow, And Dim, and Dumb’ Americans ‘Need Extra Time’ For Elections

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued America should not have a shorter election season because “Americans are slow, and dim, and dumb, and they need extra time” on Monday’s broadcast of CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Maher began by saying that GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is “somehow a brain surgeon, and a head case.” He added, “I’m beginning to think he never really was a brain surgeon. I think he maybe did a boob job here or there, but, I mean, none of what this guy says turns out to be totally true.”

Maher then said, “I used to say, for years, that we should have shorter election cycles like the British do, five weeks. No, absolutely not. Americans are slow, and dim, and dumb, and they need extra time.” He continued, “if we had a two month election cycle, they would have elected trump already.”

Maher then stated, “look, Donald Trump, for the first couple of months people were enamored with him. Now, they’ve seen his shtick enough times. He’s got like two things. Me build wall. me great, and now it’s wearing off.”

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