Huckabee: Gov’t Should Protect Citizens, Not ‘Image of Islam,’ US Should Join With Russia Against ISIS

Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee argued “the number one goal of our government is not to protect the image of Islam, it’s to protect American citizens” and “let’s join with the Russians, who are sending airstrikes” against ISIS on Tuesday’s “Happening Now” on the Fox News Channel.

Huckabee said, “we have a left-wing, socialist president of France, closing his borders, and saying we’re going to go to war against these animals, and we’ve got a president who is all upset at America, because we think maybe that putting America’s interests first is the right thing to do, and we ought to be joining the French, and the Russians in aggressively going after them. Yesterday, president obama is saying, you know, america doesn’t want to get caught up in this winning stuff. Well, I want to get caught up in winning. I want to win over this malignant cancer that is a threat to Western civilization.”

Huckabee added, that President Obama “doesn’t have a strategy,” and praised House Speaker Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) for calling for a pause in the admission of Syrian refugees. He continued, “I would like to believe that it’s because he recognized that somebody has to step into the vacuum of leadership, because the president’s unwilling to or unable to, and maybe he was listening to the constituents, because overwhelmingly, Americans realize that the number one goal of our government is not to protect the image of Islam, it’s to protect American citizens, and so, it appears to me that President Obama has been so focused on not wanting to offend anybody who’s a Muslim. Look, I don’t want to offend Muslims who aren’t responsible for this, but we have a situation where jihadists, who are strapping bombs to their bellies, and blowing innocent people up, they just happen to all be Muslims. So, let’s not pretend this is not about the religion of these fanatics. It doesn’t mean all Muslims are jihadists, but all the jihadists, certainly seem to be Muslim.”

When asked about what his strategy to beat ISIS, Huckabee said, “Well, first of all, let’s join with the Europeans, who are ready to call this a war, let’s join with the Russians, who are sending airstrikes. They’ve just had an airliner shot down. Right now, there’s a great opportunity to pull together, and let’s engage the Saudis, let’s engage the Kuwaitis, and let’s say, ‘Guys, it’s put up or shut up time.’ It’s not just ISIS. let’s go after these jihadis, who are interested in destroying Western civilization. This is a battle, not just between the Americans and ISIS, this is a battle between Western civilization, and complete barbarism and savagery. So, we either look at this not as a benign cancer that you can contain and live with, this is a malignant cancer, that you have to eradicate, and then radiate the area around it so it doesn’t come back. That’s what we have to do, and that involves military. It involves not only airstrikes, it involves boots on the ground, and an all-out effort to crush it, in its tracks and eliminate, Jon, social media ability. Take Twitter, take Facebook away, don’t allow these organizations to have any access to it. They shouldn’t have access to social media.”

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