Watch: Robber Steals 65-Year-Old Woman’s Purse, Runs Over and Kills Her with Car

From Cleveland19, surveillance video from a Covington, Ga Walmart shows a man killing a woman during a robbery in the parking lot.

The woman, 65-year-old Marsha Penn Johnson, was loading her car with groceries around 7:45 p.m. Monday when a man drove up and pulled into a nearby parking space.

As Johnson tried to get into her vehicle, the robber walked up behind her and tried to grab her purse. Johnson first did not let go of her purse, but the suspect was able to pull her to the ground. He then grabbed the purse and jumped in his car to drive off.

“She ended up behind the car,” said Capt. Craig Treadwell of the Covington Police Department of the incident. “He backed out, and when he pulled forward, she ended up back underneath the car. He couldn’t get the car all the way out, so he ended up being on top of the victim with the vehicle three or four times.”

Johnson was taken to the local hospital, where she later passed away.

Witnesses say the man guilty of killing her is a Hispanic man who also had a woman with him in his car. Police are still on the hunt for the man and his accomplice.

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