Rush Rips ‘Hatchet Job’ on Trump by ‘Low-Rent Reporter’: ‘This Isn’t Going to Hurt Trump’

On his Friday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh reacted to a question posed to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump by Yahoo News’ Hunter Walker about an alleged database for Muslims in the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks on Paris.

According to reports, Trump had responded that he would “absolutely” be in favor such a database when posed the question by Walker. However, according to Limbaugh, the question was a set-up to indict Republicans.

“Everybody in the drive-by media is running with this because they think they’ve got Trump again,” he said. “They’re salivating out there, folks. They’ve doubled-down. They’ve put this story everywhere. ‘Trump steps in it, Trump racist, Trump bigoted, anti-Muslim, wants database, wants to go to their mosques, wants to sign them up, wants to have them carry around symbols on their clothes to tell everybody who they are’ and he never said it.”

Limbaugh later described it as a “hatchet job” by Walker and suggested it was an effort by Walker to take down Trump.

“This is just a good ole fashion hatchet job by this low-rent reporter Hunter Walker, who has got everybody in the media reporting it the way he wants because this is what they want people to believe about Trump,” Limbaugh said. “This is what they believe about all Republicans. We’re bigots, we’re racists and so forth and Trump’s just come along and confirmed it. And I guarantee you there’s a contest inside the drive-by media to see who can be the one to take Trump out.”

Limbaugh predicted that effort would backfire.

“Here’s what they’re forgetting: This isn’t going to hurt Trump,” he added. “Even their journalistic malpractice is not going to hurt Trump. They haven’t figured that out. They keep applying everyday ordinary standards on hit pieces to Donald Trump. But all that happens is Donald Trump keep increases his support. Trump’s support gets stronger, it gets deeper every time they try something like this because Trump is dead serious about protecting this country and its borders and keeping terrorists and so forth out of this country. He makes no bones about it. He is one of the only candidates that is unwavering on it. It’s the number one issue.”

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