Buchanan: Paris Attacks Will Force Europe ‘Very Much To the Right’ Open Borders ‘Going to Stop’

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued that “the countries of Europe are going to go very much to the right” and open borders and mass immigration of Muslims is “going to stop” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “Let me tell you what’s going to happen, John. As a result of this vicious atrocity in Paris, the countries of Europe are going to go very much to the right. Their doors have been wide open. They’ve got 45 million Muslims there, a million people coming in. That’s going to stop. The EU is going to be — have a real problem. The Schengen Agreement, which allows free travel, is going to have a real problem.”

He continued, “But let’s go to Syria. What this is going to do, after blowing up that Russian airliner, blowing up south Beirut, which is Hezbollah country, and in blowing up Paris, they’re going to force a coalition together, which Obama can lead. But quite frankly, if he wants to lead it when our Arab allies have been — have no help whatsoever, he’s going to have to bring in the Russians, the French, the Iranians, and I think, even Hezbollah. And anybody that wants to pile on ISIS, I think ISIS could be defeated. I think one of the reasons it attacked, is it is being pared down. It’s damaged. It’s being reduced and diminished where it is. And I think there’s a real possibility to crush these guys right now.”

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