CNN’s King: Obama ‘Lonely and Isolated’ on Issue of Syrian Refugees

Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” host John King said President Barack Obama is “lonely and isolated” on Syrian refugee issue.

King said, “You see the president’s frustration there. There is a pretty tough vetting process with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. It’s not like the refugees that get on a boat and get to Greece or Europe. That’s the president’s policy argument. Publicly he’s losing the American people say we don’t want any refugees. In the house, if you look at the House vote, the president lost 47 Democrats, a veto-proof majority. How does he make the case before the senate to it where he only has to lose six or seven Democrats in the senate. You have an election next year now. The president seems lonely and isolated right now.”

Associated Press’ Julie Pace agreed saying, “He is. His initial reaction was to say if you’re someone who is even considering trying to block refugees coming into the country you are un-American. That got a lot of backs against the wall. And the White House has been talking to Demarcates have been focused on policy and not on politics. This is a problem for the White House as they talk to Democrats for years.”

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