Pat Buchanan Warns Europe Is Morphing Into a Muslim Continent

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan spoke with radio host John Catsimatidis on his Sunday radio show “The Cats Roundtable” AM 970 in New York, where they discussed terrorism and immigration in light of the Syrian refugee crisis.

The former adviser to both Reagan and Nixon said Europe is becoming “half Muslim” and “half Christian,” and will eventually become “predominantly Muslim.”

“I think we are seeing a general retreat of liberalism in the United States and in Europe, and a fairly dramatic shift to the right, if you will, politically and ideologically. These events are producing a tremendous rise in nationalism, I think in tribalism in Europe, of nations desiring to be themselves, securing their borders, and almost as well of Caesarism — in other words, the look for a strong leader, someone who will deal with these devils who came to kill us and who will deal with them in a tough way.”

“Europe has a great decision to make. They have to ask themselves whether they’re going to accept being remade into a continent that is half Muslim, half Christian and eventually predominantly Muslim,” he added.

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