Fiorina: Hillary ‘Dangerous’ For National Security, Believes ‘We’re Responsible’ For Terrorist Attacks

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued that Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believes “somehow we’re responsible for the terrorists’ actions” and is “dangerous for the national security of this nation” on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Fiorina said, in reaction to Clinton saying that pulling up the gangplank on immigration would validate some of what terrorists say, “Hillary Clinton continues, I guess, to believe that somehow we’re responsible for the terrorists’ actions. We’re not responsible for the terrorists’ actions. They’re responsible for their actions. Maybe that’s why a year ago, she said that we needed to empathize with our enemies. And whatever Hillary Clinton says, she has done all the wrong things, over and over and over again. I mean, she was wrong about Russia. Remember the gimmicky red reset button? She was wrong about Libya. She wanted to topple Gaddafi, then sort of turned away, and watched as that country fell into complete disrepair. She was wrong, of course, lied about the Benghazi terrorist attack. She was wrong when she declared victory in Iraq, and agreed with withdrawing all of our troops against all military advice, which gave ISIS the territory, the caliphate, over which they preside now. She’s been wrong over and over. She called Bashar al-Assad a positive reformer. remember that? Open an embassy. So, this is a woman who has been consistently wrong about every single national security and foreign policy threat.

Fiorina added, “she is dangerous for the national security of this nation. look no further than benghazi.”

Fiorina further accused Clinton of “hypocrisy” on women’s rights. Fiorina later stated, “there’s a double standard, Sean. We’ve talked about this before. There’s a double standard for liberal women versus conservative women. But let’s be realistic, this is the campaign she’s going to run. She will play the gender card over and over and over. Why? Because she actually can’t talk about how right she’s been on foreign policy. Why? Because she actually doesn’t have a track record of accomplishment, and actually, that’s why it matters who we put up against her. I can beat Hillary Clinton. I’m here in Iowa, and I will tell you people cannot wait to see a debate between me and Hillary Clinton, and the reason for that is, they know I can beat her, and we must win.”

She concluded, “having grown up in a man’s world, I understand that conservative principles work better to lift women up. Hillary Clinton is wrong about what it takes to help women, and so I’m very much looking forward to having that debate with her. Because the policies that she wants to pursue for this nation are bad for women, and bad for men as well.”

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