Scarborough: ‘Petulant’ Obama on Another Planet When It Comes to the War on Terror

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough ripped President Barack Obama for his tack in dealing with the war on terror and in particular in dealing with ISIS.

“The commander-in-chief sets the tone,” Scarborough said. “And right now he’s going to G20 conferences being petulant like he’s running in an Illinois senate race whacking around Republicans.”

Scarborough also took issue with Obama for putting blame on the media for ginning up fear over ISIS.

“The president is on another planet when it comes to this war on terror,” Scarborough said. “He blamed it on the media. He said you guys are whipping people into a frenzy.”

Scarborough alluded to a November 16 Washington Post/ABC News poll that revealed 81 percent of respondents felt it was very or somewhat likely the United States would be on the receiving end of a large terror attack. And what Obama and the top Republican presidential contenders have said on this leaves much to be desired according to Scarborough.

“You know, you don’t get numbers up at 81 percent unless you’re radically out of touch,” he added. “And they look at a lot of these Republican candidates saying really stupid things. And then they look at our president of the United States, who is our one commander-in-chief, Willie, being completely disconnected. And they see a war on terror and a country that seems to be completely leaderless. A president that is blaming ISIS on the press, on social media – saying they’re just a bunch of bad guys when Dianne Feinstein is ticking down the list on just how danger they are.”

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