Dyson: Trump a ‘Xenophobic Buffoon’ for Refusing To Admit He Is Wrong About 9/11 Celebrations

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” network regular Michael Eric Dyson discussed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims thousands of American Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the Twin Towers coming down on September 11, 2001 and took a shot at the GOP front-runner for refusing to admit he was wrong about it.

Dyson said, “It’s good theater. Maybe Kabuki theater. The problem is Donald Trump is not having values, not having beliefs, not having tenacious hold of his convictions. It’s as Kathleen said, but when you’re proven empirically to be wrong, when the evidence is overwhelming, you’re not weak. You’re strong when you go, ‘you know what, I was wrong.’ But there were so many people that day who were invested in, blah blah blah, you go on. But to conjure out of your hat some kind of evidence that doesn’t exist, makes you look not only like a buffoon, but it really raised questions again about the xenophobic character of so much of what he does.”

The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker added, “Donald Trump is, you know, he is a classic narcissistic. The narcissistic is never wrong and everything that happens around him happens through the prism of his own experience, and they never apologize, ever. And I think that is the biggest concern and people really need to look closely at that and how it manifests in public life.”

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