Jack Jacobs: Strategy Against Islamic State ‘Has Yet To Be Developed By The Administration’

MSNBC Military Analyst Col. Jack Jacobs (Ret.) stated that a strategy against ISIS “has yet to be developed by the administration” on Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live.”

Jacobs said that the expansion of special operations forces in Iraq is “significant in terms of special operations, but it’s not going to change the way the arc of the battle on the ground in any significant way. The real way to do is that is to get ISIS out of there, don’t let them hold terrain, and hold terrain yourself. Now, there is some indication that current actions and increased actions the way we’re doing them is going to do a good job of clearing ISIS away from some of the areas where they — which they now occupy, and which are vitally important for them to hold, but just conducting these kinds of operations is not going to take the area away from ISIS permanently, and they’ll be back. So, the secretary of state is right, it’s not something significantly different, it’s just pretty much more of the same.”

He added, “We’re just going to do these special operations from time to time, to develop intelligence, and, as intelligence becomes available to us. But make no mistake, these are tactics and not strategies, and a strategy has yet to be developed by the administration, Jose.”

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