Obama: ‘You Can’t Build a Border Wall’ to Stop Climate Change

Friday on “CBS This Morning,” while discussing his passion on the importance of addressing climate change President Barack Obama apparently took a shot at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by saying you can’t build a border wall when it comes to protecting against the fallout from so-called climate change.

Obama said, “Keep in mind, these are pledges over a number of years. And this is in our interest. Let’s take a country like India that’s got over a billion people. If they are to develop, using let’s say, coal as their main way of generating electricity, with a billion people… you’re looking at an amount of carbon that would mean South Florida’s gone, because the ocean’s would have risen too high. You can’t build a border wall when it comes to carbon emissions or global temperatures or the oceans. We’ve got to make sure that people have incentives to work with us.”

On his legacy the president said, “I don’t think any president ends the presidency saying, ‘I got everything done.’ You’re always a little dissatisfied. You always wish if I had a little bit more time maybe this would happen. But I look at it this way Malia is 17. Sasha’s 14 … and I do picture that if I’m lucky and I have enough years left that 20 years from now … I’ve got some grandkids, I want to be able to take my little grandson or granddaughter on a walk to the park and know that the planet’s in pretty good shape. And I want to feel like I contributed to that.”

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