Tarantino: It Is ‘Sickening’ Police Are Shooting Black People ‘in Extremely Questionable Ways’

Friday on “What The Flick?” on the TYT Network, host Ben Mankiewicz interviewed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, who said he is “sickened” by black and brown people being shot “in extremely questionable ways.”

Tarantino said, “For the last year and a half, you have been sitting at home and watching seemingly one incident after another of black and brown people, unarmed, being shot by the police in extremely questionable ways and not having the patrol offers for the most part facing anything other than internal tribunals. And the prosecutors are not representing—the prosecutor that was involved in the case did not represent Tamir Rice. He represented the cop who shot him. And that is just not OK.”

He continued, “And what’s going on in Chicago right now when you look at that video that has come out in the last few days. It’s over tipping the Chicago governmental system like an apple cart. And as disturbing as the shooting is, it is just as disturbing, there must have been eight or nine cops on the scene right there, and none of them said anything. None of them did anything. None of them changed their stories. None of them—they just shut up and they let this thing—cover up happen for a year now and it makes you wonder you know, who side are you on?”

“If you have been watching it and you have been getting sick by it, you have to say what side you are on. You can’t be silent anymore about it,” adding, “I’m sick of this and it actually is sickening and it’s reached a point it just must stop. And I have to have my voice being counted among the people who are saying stop it.”

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