Carson: Hillary Has Most Foreign Policy Experience — ‘You See Where That Has Led’

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said that simply having a lot of foreign policy experience is not necessarily a good thing when one considers Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has had the most of all the candidates running.

Carson said, “I believe that the American people are smart enough to recognize that we’re in a very different time right now, and it’s not necessarily the one who shouts the loudest, it’s not necessarily the one who claims to have all this great experience. The fact of the matter is, there’s nobody running who has a great deal of international experience except for Hillary Clinton and you see where that has led. So that’s not necessarily the thing that has to count, you have to look at a person’s lifetime experiences.”

He added, “I’ve probably had the most experience making life or death decisions, probably far more 2 AM phone calls that anybody else. And let’s let the American people decide whether that is the right combination. Or maybe the right combination is somebody who has spent a lot of time talking about stuff. We’ll see.”

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