Chuck Todd: Obama Should Have Made This Speech After Paris Attacks

Sunday in the lead-up to President Barack Obama’s address on Sunday on NBC, “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd previewed the upcoming speech. However, he suggested that the timing of the address was wrong.

“Let me tell you this is a speech that arguably he should have given a few days after the Paris attacks,” Todd said. “But now with San Bernardino on top of Paris, you have an American public that is very anxious. The concern about security is palpable. It’s out there. Just look at last Friday, black Friday and the record-breaking amount of background checks in the gun database. People are feeling insecure in their own homes. The purpose of this speech is for the president to try to reassure the public that the government is on top of this, that the government is trying to do everything it can to prevent ISIS-inspired attacks here on the homeland. And at the same time, expect the president to spend a lot of time trying to tell the American public don’t take this out on Muslim Americans. So you’re going to hear a little bit on that. You might also hear a little bit on gun control, but don’t expect a lot.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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